About Us

The legend of our 'journey for the finest taste' traces its originated from small shop in one of the oldest areas of Bangkok called "Yaowarat Road" (or Bangkok's Chinatown) which is well knows as the center of good food and variety of raw materials for foodstuff. CHUA HAH SENG FOOD PRODUCT Co.,Ltd. was registered in 1991, in response to the high demand in the market with unique and distinct flavor made our product repidly well accepted by chefs and eaters, and became famous in food business since then.

Under one single brand "CHUA HAH SENG". We specialize in the manufacturing and sales of palatable assortment of sauces, pastes, and condiments. Our products includes chili paste, chili oil, chili sauce, sweet plum sauce, sweet chilil sauce, ketchup, and a variety of other seasonings and condiments. Quality and Safety are our number one priority. We utilize modern technology and carefully monitor every manufacturing process to ensure the high quality and safety standards in all of our production lines. It has been certified by GMP, HACCP, and HALAL certificate from the Halal Standared Institute of Thailand.

Our products are non-artificial and free additives to fulfill our mission in delivering nothing less than great quality, great health. Being admirable for heightening the flavor while enriching the color and enhancing, our products bring out the best in every meal, used everywhere from five-star hotes across popular restaurants into delicious homemade of your own, be it in elevate the tastes of Thai kitchen to kitchen of the world.